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Youth purpose and life goals of students engaged in community and social activities

Publication Authors: 
Ulisses Ferreira de Araújo, Valéria Amorim Arantes, Ana Maria Klein, Patrícia J. Grandino
Publication Year: 
2014, January-April
Publication Journal: 
Revista Internacional d'Humanitats, 30, p. 119-128.

Purpose provides a moral compass for young people to apply their strengths and virtures in their lives. Deepening the studies about youth purpose may contribute to the design of new and more efficient moral education strategies, aiming the development of greater citizenship awareness, social justice and youth engagement in the construction of a society based on democracy, justice, and social solidarity. This research paper explores the identification of life goals, the beyond the self or self-oriented purpose in life, a meaningful engagement in purposeful activities, and the well-being and satisfaction with life in Brazilian youth engaged and not engaged in social and community issues.

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